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NC Chapter of APA

Good afternoon,

Your name and contact information is in our database as either a current member, past member or pending member of the NC Chapter of APA.

Three years ago when APA rolled out new guidelines for Chapter Memberships, the transition to remain affiliated with the National American Payroll Association took a toll on our membership and activities.

After a two year struggle we are asking this group if you would like for the NC Chapter to reaffiliate with the APA and become an active Chapter as we have been since 1987 or if there is no interest, the Chapter may be dissolved.

The Chapter need Membership Participation and Leadership to continue!

Many of us WANT to KEEP the NC Chapter of APA ACTIVE - but we need YOU to make it happen!

We need your feedback by completing the Survey (link provided below) to help drive the decision of the Chapter.

If you do not take the time to respond, that sends a message that you are no longer interested in keeping our NC Chapter active.

Survey: Keep NC Chapter of APA ACTIVE (click here to access)

Please complete Survey by end of day, Friday, March 17, 2018.

Thank you,

Kim Evans