Payroll Manager's Report & Payroll Practitioner's Monthly

Our Member's Only section will contain electronic versions of IOMA's Payroll Manager's Report and the Payroll Practitioner's Monthly. Payroll Manager's Report, a monthly publication, is written for payroll practitioners working with small and large employers. It provides how-to information on managing a payroll department cost effectively and service-efficiently.

Analysis includes the latest benchmarks on payroll metrics, technology updates and software evaluations, latest trends in training staff, and cutting-edge counsel on developing leadership skills. In addition to original research on payroll practitioner's career development and salary, PMR conducts a biennial Payroll Outsourcing Survey, rating the nation's leading payroll processing providers.

PMR also offers special reports on global payroll challenges and solutions. Payroll Practitioner's Monthly is a 16-page monthly newsletter that shows payroll professionals what they need to do and how to do it when it come to the many rules, regulations and laws they must follow to prepare and distribute a corporate payroll.

In general terms, it is a "step-by-step" newsletter, focusing on the administrative details of payroll in plain English with proven suggestions on how to get the job done right, and done once. PPM gives managers in small to mid-size companies access to the same hard-hitting data found in academic journals on accounting, without the padding of charts, graphs and theoretical language.

PPM also includes feature articles like, "Ask Professor Payroll," and members of PPM's Guest Editorial staff provide insights and commentary on specific payroll processing, technology or legal issues. Chapter members will also be eligible for a 25% discount on select IOMA audio conferences and other publications.